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As a church, we take into consideration the need to reach out to different age groups with the gospel of Christ and helping them build a Godly character.

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Our Ministries


As a church, we take into consideration the need to reach out to different age groups with the gospel of Christ and helping them build a Godly character.


  • Beautification: This team create a glorious atmosphere and appealing environment where people feel relaxed and comfortable. Beautification ministry brings creativity and artistry alive in the decoration and designs of the Church auditorium and rented halls.

  • Sanctuary Keepers: This team work together to ensure that Church hall is ready for use and properly sanitized to health and safety standards.


Worship Team: This ministry includes psalmists, song writers and true worshipers who are called to praise the Lord and unite the congregation in worship of the Most High. Members of the Worship Team are committed to a lifestyle of holiness.


Band: The band team core value is to "make melody to the Lord" with all their hearts. Musicians are ministers appointed by God to invoke, praise, make melody and give thanks to our great God. 

Care for souls

As our Lord Jesus commanded that we should feed His sheep and constantly expose them to the Word of truth.

  • Evangelism Team: Evangelism is communicating the good news of Jesus Christ, and inviting response. Through Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection, God offers the forgiveness of sins, the gift of new life, and begins the healing of the world. All members of the church are trained to spread the good news of Christ and encouraged to evangelize every Saturday from 12noon to 2.00pm.

  • Follow up Team: They are team of highly devoted volunteers who are dedicated to wholeheartedly welcome, nurture, provide appropriate information and help new members integrate into the church structure.

  • Pastoral Care: They are solely responsible for the welfare and needs of the Pastors and guest ministers. 

  • Prayer Team: The Bible instructs us to pray without ceasing. As a church, we have a group of spirit filled and fervent intercessors who spend quality time in the presence of God to pray for the Church, Coventry city, United Kingdom, Nations and the Christian faith in general.


  • Visual Team : This team is in charge of all technology related affairs. Using cutting edge technologies to spread the Gospel. The media team is a full fledged media outfit with a mission to use tools to propagate the message of the kingdom via available medium (Print, voice, video and social media). 

  • Sound Team: This team facilitates the excellent production of quality sound and presentation of all audio recordings of church programmes and events at all times. They work to maintain excellent and uncompromised clarity of sound.

Welcome team and stewards

Welcome Team: This amazing team of people provide a refreshing ambience for members as they come in for service. They welcome members on arrival to the church, they also give helping hand to nursing parents in whatever capacity required by them.


Stewards: This team ensure that members and guests enjoy their fellowship with us. They usher members and guests to their seats and also ensure high sense of decorum and orderliness in Church. 

Finance and management

Finance: Their duty is to ensure adequate funds are available for achieving project objectives and goals. 

Administration: This team is involved in supervising and facilitating the day-to-day administrative work of the church in close co-operation with members of the church, staff team and the ministerial Officers of the church.

Meeting needs

  • Hospitality: The Hospitality Ministry seeks to look after guests and every member of the church. The ministry is charged with the responsibility of ensuring the utmost comfort of our members and visitors; acquainting with them by way of interaction and through the provision of gifts and light refreshment.

Events and Logistics

Event: Members of the event team are responsible for organising Church programmes, securing hall for special events and ensuring that activities are carried out efficiently and effectively.

Logistics: This team provides accessible transport and mobility for members to and from Church and also make arrangements for transport services during special events and conferences outside the Church.

Men's Ministry

Noble men: They serve as role models and exemplary spiritual leaders with integrity and noble character. They are geared towards capacity building, career and personal development. 

Women's Ministry

Virtuous Women: They are a group of passionate women who pull their diverse gifts together to enrich and empower the body of Christ. They are career-driven homebuilders and mentors with excellent qualities and virtues.

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Our Projects

Reaching out to the community

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